We’ve been talking to Noah about being good so Santa will come. When I was using my iPad last night, Noah asked if he could play with it. I told him not now, and he said,

“You have to be good or Santa won’t bring you any presents.”

I told him Santa doesn’t bring presents to Mommies and Daddies, just kids. He said,

“The mailman brings presents to you and Daddy, and Santa brings presents to me and [my brother].”

I guess he’s noticed all the deliveries we’ve been getting lately!


A few minutes after I put Noah down for his nap, I noticed the bathroom light on. I went in there and found Noah pulling his pants up. He very excitedly exclaimed,

“I made the biggest poopoo in the WHOOOOOLE WORLD! It almost didn’t go down!!”

This morning, just out of the blue, Noah said,

“A long time ago, when I was a baby, I came into your room and you said, ‘Hey! Where did Noah go?! That’s just a baby!'”

Tonight as I was tucking Noah in bed, we were talking about how different members of our family are related. Then I told him that Daddy lived with Grandma and Pappy when he was little. Then one day he found me, and we got this house and then got Noah. I told him that someday when he’s all grown up, he’ll find a girl and maybe have kids, too. He said,

“Then I’ll find you!”

I said he’ll already have me, but he’ll meet someone new that he really really likes. He pondered that for a moment, then simply said,

“No, I just want you.”

Melted my heart 🙂

Noah went with Daddy tonight to pick up the pizza. On the way there, he noticed the moon behind them.

“Look, the moon is moving. Why is it following us? It’s going to get pizza too, huh?”

We’re getting the first big snow storm of the season this morning. It’s still dark outside, so with our outside house lights on, all you see outside is snow on a black background. Noah said,

“Our house keeps going up and up into the sky, huh?”

For Noah’s school Halloween party, I made Jello that looked like candy corn. For the white layer, I used unflavored gelatin mixed with pudding. After I mixed the gelatin, it had a pale yellow hue. Noah tromped in the kitchen, looked at the bowl and said,

“Ewww! What is that? Is it boogie water?!”