Sharing has become a very important concept to Noah lately. Earlier today when I was having some soup for lunch, I gave Noah a bite and he wanted more. He already had food I wanted him to finish first, but I told him I’d give him another bite before I finished. But while I was eating, I completely forgot, and just as I took my last bite Noah said he was ready for his last bite of soup. I felt bad, and apologized, and told him I forgot. He didn’t get as mad as I thought he would, but he picked up his pretend phone and made a call.

“Santa? It’s Noah. Mommy’s being bad. She didn’t share.”

Then later tonight, we stopped at McDonald’s on the way home. Noah said he just wanted fries, and his Daddy got chicken nuggets. As he was eating them, Noah subtly snatched up a nugget from in front of Daddy, and took a bite. He said,

“I’m sharing.”

I don’t think he quite gets the concept!