Today I let Noah play outside by himself for the first time. I set up his water table (pirate boat) by the back door and told him to stay right by the boat. I then went inside and made dinner. I kept going out to check on him, and sure enough he did just as he was told. Then his brother woke up from his nap, so I went to change his diaper. Noah knocked on the window, then came in. I asked him if he was done playing outside, and he said,

No, I just came in to check on you.

Daddy came home from work early to brush his teeth and get ready for his cleaning at the dentist. Noah asked what he was doing, and I explained that the dentist was going to check Daddy’s teeth and make sure there weren’t any holes in them. When Daddy returned from his appointment, Noah said,

“Yay, Daddy doesn’t have holes in his teeth anymore!”