July 12 – After 3 days of not pooping at all, I knew he had to go soon and kept reminding him to tell me. But when I heard him grunting in his tent in the living room, I was so upset. I shooed him into the bathroom, but it was too late. I sat him on the toilet, trying to get him to go more (he hadn’t gone that much, especially considering it had been 3 days). He was crying, saying he didn’t have to go more, and then said,

“but I like you Mommy”

then leaned over and hugged me. Who could stay mad after that?


Fast-forward a couple of weeks to tonight, while I was giving Noah his bath. It was time to get out, but he of course didn’t want to. After trying the crying tactic and a few others, he resorted to,

“But I love you, Mommy.”

He’s learning quickly how to manipulate me! (Notice he’s graduated from the word ‘like’ to ‘love’.)