Just in the past couple of months, Noah’s imagination has blossomed. He went from a kid who takes the world literally to a boy living in a world he created overnight. I first noticed this one day while he was playing “UPS Man”:

Me: Who’s there?
Box. (he then lifts it off his truck)
That looks heavy!
Uff! (he drops the invisible box on my lap).
What’s inside?
It’s for Daddy (since we know Daddy gets all of the packages).

I then open the box, take the “item” out, he grabs it out of my hand then runs away.

He’s been doing this for a while, but today we had a whole new game. Noah set his little table, put toys on it for me and Daddy (food), and then put imaginary birthday candles on his shape sorting toy (cake). We sang Happy Birthday, then he pulled the shapes out and served us our cake. When our little dinner party was over, Noah cleaned up the table and said he had to go outside. He out his flip flops on, then told us he was now “outside”. Then he started walking around the living room, bending over to “pick up poop.” He was imitating us when we go outside to pick up the dog poop. It’s funny how the most disliked chores for us become imaginary playtime for him!