I was recently reminded of something Noah used to do.. maybe a year ago.

He doesn’t like things out of place. Heaven forbid we rearrange furniture, or begin storing a toy in a different spot than we usually do. And with all of the clutter of toys, there have been times when junk, or even garbage has been on the floor for a while, in the same spot. That’s what happened one day with a piece of mail. It landed on a chair, then made it’s way to the floor, where it laid for about a week. When I finally got around to cleaning the living room, I picked it up and set it on the kitchen counter. Noah watched me do this, and was horrified!

That’s not where it goes!

He yelled at me, promptly grabbed it and put it back on the floor where it had been. So I learned that day to pick things up sooner or there it shall stay forever!