Another bonus for today…

Noah has an easel with a white board that doesn’t erase well at all. So to erase it, I give him a wet paper towel and it works wonders.

He was drawing on it today, and wanted it clean, but didn’t want to disturb me. After all, he knows where there’s water. And something like a paper towel that’s within his reach. Yes, that’s right… I’m talking about the toilet paper.

I noticed he was gone, and after seeing him playing with the white board moments before, I had a sneaking suspicion of where he was. So I mozied on over to the bathroom, and saw some white gunk in the bathroom sink. I thought it was a melted bar of soap at first, but upon closer inspection I saw it was a big, goopy wad of toilet paper. I don’t think the whole thing turned out as he had planned. I did get him a paper towel, which worked much better when wet than the toilet paper.