It never ceases to amaze me what Noah remembers. Many, many times I’ll tell him something we’re going to do the next day just to coerce him into going to bed. Then the second he opens his eyes, he comes dashing from his bedroom ready to do whatever we talked about the night before. But then sometimes, it will be something I happened to mention some other part of the day. Like yesterday.

Noah saw me looking at the website for the Pittsburgh Zoo. I told him maybe we’ll go there someday.

“Now?” he asks.

“No, we can’t go today. Daddy’s not even home. But another day.”

Mind you, this was around 9am. After a long day, Daddy comes home that evening. The first thing out of Noah’s mouth when he heard the garage door?

“Zoo now!!”

The next day, he was telling Grandma about the zoo.

“Want zoo! Not now, Daddy’s not home. Tomorrow, maybe” (or as he pronounces it, mebben).