He’s still being careful to do EXACTLY what I say.. but still get his way. Today, I was hard at work upstairs when Noah came bopping up the stairs with a wet water squirter in hand. Lately he’s been wanting to “wash” everything in the bathroom sink, including our digital camera (thank goodness he didn’t try turning it on while wet!!).

Today, he wanted help using the squirt gun. “You can’t use that in the bathroom sink. You need a bucket of water, and we play with it outside so we don’t get water all over the floor.”

“mm? Go outside? Mm?” he asks in his cute little voice.

“Not today. It’s very hot out, and I have a lot of work to do.”

He disappears and I get back to work. Some time goes by, and I suddenly realize how quiet it is. Uh-oh. I run downstairs and find he has again found a loophole in my instructions. In the bathroom I find my mop bucket full of water in the sink. The squirt guns are on the counter. And the entire bathroom counter with everything on it from a band-aid box to the electric razor is completely covered in water. It’s a lake.

Noah takes my hand and proudly points to the floor.

“It’s dry!”

And it is.