I told Noah that as soon as my boss wakes up, she’s going to call me and I need him to be quiet while I’m on the phone. He said,

“She’s [taking so long to] wake up, isn’t she? Maybe we’ll have to go to her house and give her a kiss.”

Noah had his first visit with the dentist this week. For the first few days after I told him we would go see Dr. Hooper, he would go around saying,

“We’re going to see Dr. Pooper!”

He did well at the dentist. On our way home he commented,

“Dr. Hooper’s face looked funny.”

I thought that was strange, and asked what he meant. He said,

“He had a funny looking beard.”

I thought back and remembered he was clean shaven today… then it hit me. He was wearing his face mask that he pulled down when he started talking to Noah. So Dr. Hooper’s funny beard was really just his mask!


Tonight Noah was playing nicely by himself, and covered up a bunch of toys with a throw blanket. Then he proudly stood up tall by the blanket and loudly said,

“Ladies and Gentlemen! I have a surprise for you under this blanket! Are you ready?” (then pulling off the blanket) “Tada!”

Just hearing the “ladies and gentlemen” part was hilarious! He’s never said that before!

When his brother’s diaper leaked into his bed one day, Noah wasted no time going for the phone.

“Hi, Santa? It’s Noah. [my brother] was bad and wet his bed. But you can still bring me presents!!!”

While most kids would have questions about Santa like, “How does he get to all the houses in one night,” Noah had some different, unexpected concerns after I explained things to him last night.

“When Santa comes down the chimney, we have to open [the flue].”

“No, he can open it himself.”

“But then after he goes back up the chimney, how does he close it?”

“How does he get up the chimney?”

“He uses magic.”

“Does he use a magic wand?”

“No, he just puts his finger next to his nose and up he goes.”

“But what are the magic words?”

He must be considering trying this himself!

Sharing has become a very important concept to Noah lately. Earlier today when I was having some soup for lunch, I gave Noah a bite and he wanted more. He already had food I wanted him to finish first, but I told him I’d give him another bite before I finished. But while I was eating, I completely forgot, and just as I took my last bite Noah said he was ready for his last bite of soup. I felt bad, and apologized, and told him I forgot. He didn’t get as mad as I thought he would, but he picked up his pretend phone and made a call.

“Santa? It’s Noah. Mommy’s being bad. She didn’t share.”

Then later tonight, we stopped at McDonald’s on the way home. Noah said he just wanted fries, and his Daddy got chicken nuggets. As he was eating them, Noah subtly snatched up a nugget from in front of Daddy, and took a bite. He said,

“I’m sharing.”

I don’t think he quite gets the concept!

We went to Disney On Ice today, and as with anywhere you go with entertainment, the food and souvenirs were grossly overpriced. Noah looked longingly as other children got popcorn, cotton candy, light up toys and snow cones. I just can’t bring myself to spend $10 for a little bit of popcorn (or $20 for the other toys) so when he began begging me for it, I simply told him it costs too much money and that he can have all the popcorn he wants when we get home. Later, I was digging through my purse for the camera and Noah noticed a couple of dollar bills floating around in there. He got very excited.

“Look, Mommy! There’s money there! We can get popcorn now!!!”

We’ve been talking to Noah about being good so Santa will come. When I was using my iPad last night, Noah asked if he could play with it. I told him not now, and he said,

“You have to be good or Santa won’t bring you any presents.”

I told him Santa doesn’t bring presents to Mommies and Daddies, just kids. He said,

“The mailman brings presents to you and Daddy, and Santa brings presents to me and [my brother].”

I guess he’s noticed all the deliveries we’ve been getting lately!

A few minutes after I put Noah down for his nap, I noticed the bathroom light on. I went in there and found Noah pulling his pants up. He very excitedly exclaimed,

“I made the biggest poopoo in the WHOOOOOLE WORLD! It almost didn’t go down!!”

This morning, just out of the blue, Noah said,

“A long time ago, when I was a baby, I came into your room and you said, ‘Hey! Where did Noah go?! That’s just a baby!'”